Too many stakeholders to keep in touch with and not enough time and resources to work effectively?

Tigri’s specialty is working with micro/small to mid-cap companies who don’t always have the in-house resources to focus on communicating the Company’s message continuously. Tigri takes on that role, using a flexible approach that is customized exactly to your requirements. Tigri acts as your primary contact, and calls on a pool of communications and production professionals to meet your needs, in a friendly, timely and thoughtful way.


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Why Tigri

Our goal is to help you synthesize the details of your Company’s operations to form a compelling story to convey to your investors and various audiences. Tigri initiates client relationships with a strategic planning session – identifying the questions that you get asked most often, or sometimes not enough, taking your answers and weaving them into a story that effectively positions your Company. The result is to provide investors with the "who, what, where, why and how" about your Company’s goals and operations.

Tigri provides the tools to initiate and maintain contact with your stakeholders and the investment community. 

Tigri provides cost effective, creative, targeted communications.

Getting tied up with details and losing sight of

the big picture when it comes to communicating

with your stakeholders?