Providing counsel, writing, designing and overseeing website creation/maintenance

What is

Branded HTML?

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- Coordinating conference participation, designing exhibition booths
- Representing clients during conferences

Corporate branding

Marketing/corporate Communications

conference coordination

- Corporate branding including logo, business cards and letter head design​

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- Preparation of all material related to a marketing campaign
- Providing coordination, meeting bookings and road show arrangements
- Designing and developing a tailored communications program

Branded HTML email is a website look-a-like email that resembles your home page. It is delivered to your proprietary email list, and contains active links that take the reader directly to your corporate website. HTML emails are user friendly and visually appealing. As a result, readability of HTML emails are greater than a regular text email or one with with an attached PDF document.

Also associated with the HTML process is database management. Contact lists evolve over the years and it can become a laborious task to manage those contacts who have requested to receive your Company’s information. Tigri will manage your proprietary email list so that you don’t have to worry about it.

All of Tigri’s clients use this service because it works so well.

Cost  Effective Visibility

News Releases

special event planning

- AGM planning, management and webcasting
- Arranging off-site meetings and/or luncheons

website management

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- PowerPoint presentations, investor fact sheets, presentation folders, annual reports
- Photography – executive portraits, event coverage and on-site photography

​​​​communications inc.

- Writing, editing, disseminating to newswire services
- SEDAR filing services – news releases, quarterly filings, material change reports, etc.
- HTML branded email distribution and database management